GSLF –UK to Defeat Separatist Federal Constitution


The United Kingdom branch of the Global Sri Lankan Forum, GSLF-UK organized a workshop to educate Sri Lankans living in UK about the proposed separatist federal constitution.  The Co-Vice President of the GSLF-UK branch Mr. Prasanga Jayamanna and his committee organized the workshop.

Ven. Waduramba Kassapa thero attended to the event and explained about the danger of the proposed constitution by the Yahapalana government.

Further, Ven. Bengamuwe Nalaka thero connected with the participants to the workshop on line from Sri Lanka and explained the role of the expatriate Sri Lankans in this critical juncture of the motherland and Thero   appealed to all expatriate Sri Lankans to rally around the GSLF to take the lead to defeat the separatist constitution. Currently, GSLF has its branches in the UK, Canada, Italy, Israel, Kuwait, UAE, Australia, Switzerland, Poland, and Ireland.

Gevindu Kumaranathunga also had joined with the workshop and explained the adverse nature of the proposed separatists’ federal constitution in very detailed.

GSLF-UK has discussed the future strategy and strategic action plan to counter the Federalist Constitution which is leading to Tamil Eelam.



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