Global Sri Lankan Forum Lobby Italian Parliamentarians


Global Sri Lankan Forum, GSLF, part of its campaign to lobby the international community about the unfair treatments to Sri Lanka by UN and other allied countries met number of world leaders and individuals to explain this double standard towards Sri Lanka.

In line with this campaign, officials of GSLF-Italy branch met a strong man of Frathelli Italia party Mr. Marchello Talyalathello a MP of the Italian Parliament and explained the prevailing situation on Sri Lanka. The delegate has explained the pro-separatist Tamil terrorist activities’ in European Union and fabricated allegations campaign taken on Sri Lankan soldiers who defeated the world most ruthless terrorist outfit, LTTE Tamil terrorists. GSLF officials have handed over a report explaining these matters to Mr. Talyalathello.

Wasantha Keerthirathna, current President of GSLF, and number of other officials of GSLF had joined for this discussion at the parliamentary premises in Rome.

The officials of GSLF-UK branch have also met number of UK Parliamentarians including outspoken Lord Neseby to explain the same scenario of the Sri Lankan case.


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