Maithree Promotes LTTE in Jaffna


The political party of pro-minority president Maithreepala Sirisena SLFP, Sri Lanka Freedom Party  is promoting LTTE propaganda in Jaffna under the local election.  Maithree who came to the power in Sri Lanka on 8th January 2015 with the help of separatist minorities’ votes promoting the minorities at the cost of majority Sinhalese since he came to the power.

LTTE Tamil terrorist’s propaganda songs and events had been used at the many SLFP local election campaign meetings held across Jaffna.  The SLFP organizer, Angajan Ramanathan has organized these campaigns in Jaffna. Sirisena leads SLFPers are using very low quality cheap tactics of promoting LTTE Tamil terrorist propaganda to attract Tamil votes towards SLFP.

Sirisena and Ranil are tirelessly working with Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist political party TNA to prosecute war heroes who crushes Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka with the help of Pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora as a part of the presidential election pact in 2015.


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