Open letter from a Wife of Navy Officer to UN Representatives


The present Yahapalana government has arrested dozen of security forces members to satisfied their election promises to LTEE backed pitical partner TNA and masters of Yahapalanaya; UN and so called international community.

Since this pro-federal government came to power in 2017 several number of UN representative had visited the country to support to pro-Tamil terrorism. They visited number of LTTE Tamil terrorists in the prisons and their cemeteries so on.

However, these so called international community backed by UN still failed to meet majority Sinhala people and listen to their grievances.

The classic example is that recently visited UN representative refused to visit those security forces members in the custody and collect their side of story while they met the Tamil terrorists.

A wife of a navy officer and one of the daughter of Navy officers had tried to hand over a letter explaining the unfairness happening to these officers. However, the adamant UN officers has refused to listening or receiving the letters.

The following is the full text of the letter addresses to those UN officers by one the wife of the navy officer who is put in custody by Yahapalanaya.

UN Resident Coordinator in Sri Lanka

United Nations in Sri Lanka,

No. 202 – 204, Baudhaloka Mawatha,

Colombo 07.

Dear Madam,


On or about 2nd Mach 2017, my husband, Commander R P S Ranasinghe of Sri Lanka Navy was arrested by the Officers attached to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) alleging that my husband is also responsible for the disappearance of 11 personnel in Colombo and suburbs in the year 2008. He was arrested without credible evidence, but on fabricated evidence against him made by the personnel who are actually involved in the incident of the disappearance of 11 personnel and by suppressing the evidence which demonstrates that he is not responsible as alleged by the CID.

In the year 2009, CID commenced an investigation on a complaint made by Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda, then Commander of SL Navy, against Lcdr Sampath Munasinghe, who was his Personal Security Officer serving in Colombo. After 8 years of investigations, after the change of government in 2015, the CID is now attempting to implicate Cdr R. P. S Ranasinghe, who has served in Trincomalee, which is situated about 250 km away from Colombo, during the period in issue.

Furthermore, the CID is not taking any interest in arresting the actual personnel involved in the above incident namely Sampath  Munasinghe, Krinshantha Chinthaka Welagedara, Aluthgedara Upul Bandara, Bandu Kumara and few others although ample evidence are available to do so.

Thus, the manner in which my husband has been falsely implicated and non action against the personnel who are actually involved in the incident of the disappearance of 11 personnel, clearly demonstrate that the arrest of my husband is a conspiracy to exonerate the main Suspect, Lcdr Sampath Munasinghe, and to implicate my husband in order to take political revenge.

As stated above, CID is also suppressing the evidence that clearly demonstrate that Cdr R. P. S Ranasinghe is not responsible to the aforesaid disappearance of 11 personnel and this conduct on the part of CID amounts to a violation of “Principle of Natural Justice’’. Furthermore, CID during the investigations has used their authority to threaten, induce fear psychosis on some personnel to obtain fabricated evidence to support their stand. This conduct of intimidation by the CID on some of the witnesses is contrary to the UN Charter.

Furthermore, despite a report by the Organization of International Truth and Justice for Peace (South Africa) headed by Mrs. Yasmin Sooka, a former UN Representative, which clearly states that Lcdr Krinshantha Welagedara was the officer in charge who was responsible for running a torture camp in Naval Dockyard Trincomalee, the CID has failed to arrest the said person, instead he has been given asylum in Australia.

My husband is a war casualty with a 60% disability. He is in remand prison for the last 9 months without being enlarged on bail on the premise that the investigations conducted by the CID are not concluded. However, there is no sign as to when the said investigations would conclude. This is a clear case of violation of personal freedom which is ensured to all by the United Nations.

I am a mother of two children and my mother committed suicide recently as she could not bear the injustice that her son-in-law was going through.

If ‘’every person is equal before the law’’, I don’t know why the law is not enforced on actual perpetrators of the law.

In the aforesaid circumstances, I very humbly request you to take necessary action to inform the authorities to enlarge my husband.

Anxiously waiting for a favourable reply please.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


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