Pro-LTTE TNA objecting arresting of terror groups in Jaffna


The Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist’s political party; TNA and Jaffna based foreign funded NGOs are raising objections and staging protests on the arrest of Tamils thugs, former Tamil terrorists in Jaffna pretest of so called Human Rights. The security experts are reporting that due to breakdown and suspension of all sort of military and police intelligence activities by the Yahapalana government lead by pro-minority Ranil and Sirisena lead to total breakdown of the security structure and peaceful environment in Northern and Eastern two provinces from 8th January 2018.

Police have nabbed in the aftermath of recent attacks on police and security forces in the North, uncovered clues of a well-established terror network operating in Colombo with the help LTTE Tamil terrorists.  Sources reported that Police had busted two cells of the network in Colombo at Mattakkuliya and Pettah and nabbed three cadres including a top leader of the terror group called Aava Group known as Sathyavel Nathan Nishanthan alias Nisha Victor.

Three other suspects of the same group had been taken into custody in Kilinochchi with two swords and a motorcycle. Nisha Victor, who was also the main suspect in the recent attack on two police officers at Kopai, had been taken into custody by the Terrorism Investigation Division (TID). All six were suspects of Kopai attack.

With the increased arrests and intensified STF operations in the North several leading figures of Ava group had fled to the Colombo and other areas of the country. The group have safe houses and cells in Colombo and suburbs, according to police.

Thirty eight persons wanted in connection with a spate of recent incidents in the Jaffna peninsula were arrested during an operation spearheaded by the STF with the help of the police. The operation which was said to be the largest coordinated action conducted in Jaffna since the change of government in January 2015 started at midnight on Friday and lasted till 8 am yesterday. On the instructions of STF headquarters, Colombo, the police commandos carried out comprehensive security operation covering Jaffna, Chunnakam, Kopai, Manipay, Nelliady and Point Pedro police areas.

In addition to 38 suspects, STF had taken into custody 17 motorcycles, seven tipper trucks and detected 15 traffic offences and one case of illegal transport of cattle. One person had been arrested in connection with illegal transportation of cattle, the official said.

Mobs went on the rampage in the second week of July after police fired at a vehicle that ignored signal to stop. The mob caused damage to the house of one of the policemen involved in the arrest and attacked police posts and police vehicle in the area.

In March this year, police arrested three members of the Aava Group including one of the leading figures known as Dhananjayan from Kotahena and Dehiwela. With that arrest the police ascertained information about the Aava Group shifting its operations to Colombo. The group had obtained protection money from wealthy Tamil businessmen in Colombo, police said. A hand grenade, three swords and an axe found in the possession of the suspects were also taken into custody by police.



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