Resettlement of Displaced Sinhala and Muslim People in Northern Province


The Global Sri Lanka Forum, GSLF welcomes the Government’s decision to appoint a task force to implement the program to resettle the Sinhala and Muslim internally displaced persons. It is hoped that the work at task force should commence as early as possible to bring justice to the displaced.

However, the GSLF has concerns with regard to the nomination of the Minister Risahd Bathuddin and Faizer Mustapha as the heads of the task force. The Minister Bathuddin has acted in a very high-handed manner in creating mono-ethnic settlements in illegally cleared Wilpattu and Manner areas and therefore, we are of the view that he is racially biassed to handle this important resettlement task. The Minister Faizer Mustache is presently handling the de-demarcation of the districts and electorates. Hence, his functioning in the resettlement of the IDP s is a factor which will compromise the objectives of the program.

Therefore, we request the Government to consider our request to appoint acceptable personnel including a Minister of Sinhala origin as the task force is set up to re-settle also the the Sinhala IDPs.

Ranjith Soysa
Media Spokesman
For Global Sri Lankan Forum


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