UNHRC head Prince Zeid reconfirms our position that UN is a monetary-influenced biased puppet

“After reflection, I have decided not to seek a second four-year term. To do so, in the current geopolitical context, might involve bending a knee in supplication; muting a statement of advocacy; lessening the independence and integrity of my voicewhich is your voice.” The sentiments expressed by present UNHRC head Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein reconfirms & strengthens what we have been saying all these years that the UN is biased, UN is corrupt, UN is a puppet & UN has lost all credentials of credibility to function on behalf of the world’s countries. In short it requires the Sri Lankan Government & its foreign ministry to relook at all of the resolutions as well as all of the forced commitments the UN system has enforced upon Sri Lanka. All of these appear to be with hidden objectives sans valid basis and with ulterior motives and with plenty of lies, falsified data, bogus evidence & influenced by money.
Prince Zeid Raad Zeid al-Hussein of Jordan was unanimously elected as the High Commissioner for Human Rights on 16 June 2014. His selection was sealed because he fitted well into the system. Additionally, that he was a Muslim meant the UN could use it to bridge gaps between UN’s Western states & the Muslim world. The appointment was a traded deal.
It has become fashionable of late to blame President Trump for the ineffectiveness of the UN system & its officials. However, that is far from the truth. The UN has been in decline as a result of its own backboneless policies & practices. It is no exaggeration to say that imperialism & UN go hand in hand. From the outset the UN has been plagued with controversy. UN’s first leader Alger Hiss was exposed as a Soviet spy.
The R2P doctrine was brought in specifically to justify legally invading and occupying nations on the pretext of delivering democracy. The human rights organizations that have been set up all are funded by either governments or transnational global elite all of whom use slogans like ‘genocide’ to justify actions and deployment of Western troops and UN forces all with other agendas in mind. Currently we see how scores of human rights agencies are being used to spread propaganda against Myanmar on Rohingya issue and the UN adopting virtually identical strategy adopted against Sri Lanka – UN biased reports, demanding UN rapporteurs visit Myanmar so that they could strengthen the imperial objective. It is fortunate that the Myanmar Government has watched and taken lessons from the mistakes the Sri Lankan Government made in not only refusing UN presence but completely rejecting UN reports & visits by UN officials.
By 1945 there were just 2 major wars. The UN was created to prevent wars but every country is now engaged in some kind of conflict. Between 1945-1950 there have been 25 conflicts. From 1950-1970 conflicts increased to 95. From 1970 to 1990 conflicts rose to 102. From 1990 to 2000 number of conflicts was 60. From 2000 to present there are 58 conflicts. Only 11 countries in the world is without conflict & that isn’t much of a record for the UN to be proud of. http://www.systemicpeace.org/warlist/warlist.htm
In 2016, the UN included Saudi Arabia into a blacklist following the deaths of over 1000 children during the Saudi-led attack on Yemen in 2015 http://www.mintpressnews.com/controversy-swells-un-removes-saudi-arabia-human-rights-blacklist/217150/
Saudi threatened to remove funding for UN programs and the UN immediately removed Saudi from its blacklist. The message was that countries that commit human rights violations but fund UN will never enter any UN blacklist. What kind of democracy exists in the UN if this is the status quo where money rules and the UNSG Ban Ki Moon sheds crocodile tears and a lame excuse that the 1000 deaths was not as important as Saudi funding for UN’s other projects! We can only speculate whether money by LTTE diaspora to the UN prevented UN action against LTTE for child soldier recruitment despite scores of reports against LTTE.
While a leaked report (Charles Petrie) sheds more crocodile tears about UN failure in Sri Lanka claiming UN failed to prevent thousands of deaths (though we must remind the world that the LTTE terrorists prevailed since 1983 and the UN did nothing to stop LTTE from killing thousands of people and there were no leaked reports by UN feeling sorry for victims of LTTE murders!
However, if UN was genuinely feeling sorry for its failure in Sri Lanka in 2009 why did UN fail civilians again in 2015 when Yemen was heavily bombarded by Saudi warplanes on Yemeni infrastructure, schools and hospitals. As a result, nearly 3.3 million Yemeni people, including 2.1 million children were left suffering from acute malnutrition. Some 19 million out of the country’s 28 million population are in dire need of humanitarian aid and many of them are reported to be on the brink of famine. Over 55,200 Yemenis became affected with cholera. US & Britain’s silence has been due to arms sales to Saudi used to pound Yemen. So what is the reason for UN’s silence – fear of Saudi removing funding again!
What has the UN done following its own fact-finding mission on Israel by Justice Richard Goldstone wherein Israel was asked to conduct an independent investigation? Has the UN gone after Israel as it has done to Sri Lanka & smaller less powerful nations?
In 2004 Kofi Annan former UNSG declared Iraqi war as illegal but nothing happens against the countries that have destroyed Iraq and these very countries call for accountability from other countries. What has UN done against all of the other illegal interventions & invasions by US, UK & NATO some of which have even created newly independent countries like Kosovo & South Sudan both of which are in financial, social & political turmoil while those who helped create these states have nicely wiped their hands from responsibility.
The UN that is sending rapporteurs to Sri Lanka with virtual season tickets on flights finding fault with settlement of IDPs etc completely ignore that there are millions of people displaced as a result of US, UK & NATO interventions across the Middle East, Afghanistan, Eastern Europe. There are 26m IDPs globally & 65million refugees globally and what has UN done?
John Ashe, a former UN ambassador from Antigua and Barbuda who presided over the General Assembly from 2013 to 2014, was arrested by US prosecutors of turning the world body into a “platform for profit” by taking bribes in exchange for paving the way for lucrative investments. Ashe allegedly accepted more than $500,000 from Ng Lap Seng, 68, a property developer, who was seeking a contract to build a UN-sponsored conference centre in Macau. The links are astounding & includes the Clinton Foundation but then Ashe died mysteriously before testifying. Very convenient!
We are all aware of the U.N. Oil-for-Food program in which at least 3 senior United Nations officials are said to have taken multimillion-dollar bribes from Saddam Hussein.
The body that pretends to be heaven’s gift to mankind has a closet full of scandals and corruptions most of which are kept hidden from public scrutiny. These are no small scandals too. The UN Joint Inspection Unit has revealed widespread fraud, corruption & impunity. How can such a corrupt bureaucracy preach to the rest of the world and how dare UN push for Agenda 2030 seeking global Declaration of Interdependence? This plan is to entrust to the UN the world’s education, health, wealth redistribution. Thus we can only speculate that all of these UN officials are presently been despatched to change country systems that would make the task of remote controlling a sovereign country’s natural & social resources from Geneva. Whatsmore the UN’s insistence on changing penal codes, constitutions and legal enactments are all with the hidden intent of solidifying UN’s kangaroo courts.
Quoting the document “inability and/or unwillingness to acknowledge and deal with” the fraud and corruption, multiple UN organizations “continue to remain in a state of near denial with regard to fraud”…. UN is described as “environment of impunity”. The report also says that the UN staff and managers might not even know what constitutes fraud. No wonder UN persecutes brave officials blowing the whistle (case of whistleblower Anders Kompass on child sex abuse by French soldiers)! An internal UN survey found 60% of UN employees marking ‘fraud goes unpunished in my workplace” – which means 40% of UN are involved in fraud J. Shouldn’t UN first get its dirty office in order before preaching good governance to countries?
The book “Unsilenced: Unmasking the United Nation’s Culture of Cover-ups, Corruption and Impunity” by Rasna Warah reveals lies, cover-ups, corruptions and immunity to UN officials & inherent conflict of interest in the UN’s internal justice system that does not punish criminal acts of UN officials & their unethical behaviors. This calls to mind the manner the UN ignored calls for Navi Pillai to recuse herself from Sri Lanka given that she was an ethnic Tamil and a conflict of interest arose in handling a Tamil issue in Sri Lanka. Nemo iudex in causa sua implies no one should be a judge in their own cause.
UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer told Newsweek magazine “People don’t realize this, but most of what happens at the U.N. is vote-trading,”… “Sadly, too often European democracies do deals in the darkness; they do secret deals that end up being sort of a deal with the devil,” Is this how Saudi Arabia came to be elected to the Commission on the Status of Women by ‘secret-ballot’ with 47 out of 54 countries voting in favor including US & UK? Is the deals with US & UK for arms and supply of jihadists for proxy wars the reason for electing Saudi to the UNHRC as well?
Since 2006, there have been 45 resolutions against Israel by UNHRC alone while there has been over 165 Resolutions on Israel in the UN General Assembly and over 225 Resolutions against Israel by the UN Security Council. These resolutions are nothing but a charade – the resolutions keep piling. Israel rejects them. US vetoes against them & the UN system does nothing against Israel.
What good is a fancy UN Charter claiming to uphold Westphalian democracy and non-interference when powerful nations unleash their intelligence outfits to conduct covert operations? US President Dwight Eisenhower is said to have authorized some 104 covert operations in 4 continents. Keeping the trend President John F Kennedy taking over in 1961 authorized 163 covert operations throughout the 3 years he ruled. The CIA worked from the Office of Public Safety (OPS) a division of the USAID which sent some 400 US police advisors to developing nations.
UN cannot point fingers & US cannot preach human rights completely evading its hand in how thousands of police in developing nations were trained by CIA in torture techniques.
Even after occupying Haiti for 13 years and accused of sexual assault, financial mismanagement & introducing cholera that claimed 6000 Haiti lives, the UN has the audacity to insist on UN presence in countries!
The UN’s role in Sri Lanka needs special attention and investigation. If UN has been accused of financial misappropriation, bribe taking, corruption etc then it is without a doubt that UN officials have been monetarily benefitting from LTTE diaspora that is not shy to throw its money to buy even foreign parliamentarians.
It is therefore no surprise that the UN has been a bully to Sri Lanka.
Navi Pillay abused office to demonize Gaddafi to lay groundwork for US/NATO intervention. She used lies of NGO Bouchiguir to suspend Libya from UNHRC. She prevented Libya from appointing a new ambassador to the UN and Libya had to rely on Rev. Miguel D’Escoto Brockman (former Nicaraguan Foreign Minister). She quoted casualty figures without verifying truth. She stands morally responsible for destroying Libya.
She & Stephen Rapp are both accused of covering US culpability. In fact Justice Patrice Lumumba Nyaberi objected to Navi Pillay as President of ICTR in view of her bias.
UN’s silence inspite of illegal interventions are astounding. The plan against Syria was set in 2011 through ‘Friends of Syria’ initiated by Canada & presented by 70 countries with US committing to provide ‘communications equipment’ and Saudi & Qatar pledging large sums of money for regime change. Navi Pillay did her role by calling for intervention and referring Syria to ICC. Her role makes her stand guilty for violating Article 1 & 2 of the UN Charter that says regime change within a sovereign country is a war crime.
She has been quoting civilian casualty figures from foreign backed Syrian opposition just like she quoted from pro-LTTE sources against Sri Lanka. When she does not have a mandate to refer countries to ICC why is she allowed to function outstand that mandate?
The words of the Syrian delegation at UNHRC aptly sums up the bias – ” My country’s delegation inspected the Commissioner’s report and wants to express their deep denunciation and regret at the obvious bias which Pillay practices in her dealing with the events in Syria’. (Faisal Al-Hamwi) / “If the High Commissioner’s office isn’t qualified to give documented data, then it’s better for it to remain silent,” / from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: “It is really strange that she used the UN human and financial resources against Syria, based on lies and calls outside her jurisdiction,” / “The Commissioner has rejected to consider the acts of terrorist groups as crimes against humanity, although all standards of identifying crimes against humanity apply to them, and chose instead to level this accusation at the state which is doing its duty in protecting its own people,”
Throughout her tenure as UNHRC head she never made a single reference to the violations committed by the IPKF, she visited families of LTTE but not a single victim of LTTE terror. She has been accused of procedural bias but nothing has been done against her. She lost much sleep accusing Sri Lanka but she has remained mum to the millions of people that lie displaced because of US/UK & NATO.
All of the UNHRC resolutions against Sri Lanka have been questionable. The allegations of dead based on which war crimes tribunals have been called for is also now under scrutiny following confidential despatches that Lord Naseby has secured. The lies and deceipt as well as the unethical manner that exchange of money has played in accusing Sri Lanka & its National Army is now slowly coming into the open and the UN and partners associated with these lies are shuttling to cover their lies.
The release of the naval ratings on fabricated charges goes to show the extent of lies that prevail. The manner that UN officials in Sri Lanka visit only LTTE families and collect data only on LTTE was seen by the refusal to accept a letter by the daughter of a naval officer kept in prison without charge for 6 months. The extent of violations of legal systems and international norms on Sri Lanka is absolutely shocking & disgraceful.
Taking over from her was head Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein who also went on to threaten Sri Lanka. All are part & parcel of the criminal syndicate called the UN.
Their prepared speeches and statements shedding crocodile tears is now slowly blowing in their face as the world has no respect for the UN as it has by its own actions lost credibility and become known as a puppet & an accomplice to imperialism.
When Germans tried to disassociate from Hilter’s crimes the West did not allow them to do so and they were all held culpable for Nazi crimes. On this same logic, the UN that has facilitated and laid the ground work for many of the illegal interventions and violation of sovereign rights of countries should be equally held responsible.
There is little doubt that the UN staff have been accepting money from LTTE. From audit reports such bribe taking is a norm in the UN system.
The silver lining is that the UN is now being condemned by its own allies like Zeid Hussein who is now stepping down as UNHRC head and thinking he can shed his own guilt by pointing a finger at the UN system when 4 fingers are pointing back at him! The neutrality of the UN is now totally demolished. It has no moral stand to be preaching or even dictating to any country.
UN days are now gone. European hegemony is also slowly collapsing.
America just cut off US $ 285 Million funding for United Nations after UN anti vote on making Jerusalem the Capital of Israel – will this be a domino effect triggering an end to the UN?
It is now seriously time for Russia and China to take stock of the manner UN is violating its charter and becoming a dog on a leash to fulfil the agenda of Western imperialism en route to grasping control over natural resources of sovereign countries and governing them through systems controlled by the UN through its agenda 2030.
The best alternative to take now that the US is also reducing funding to the UN is to completely close down the UN and create a new world body that truly works for and on behalf of all nations and not a handful of those who bribe and influence the UN.
The third world must back Russia and China in this initiative.
Shenali D Waduge


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