President urged to ‘expose’ Emmerson UN Envoy exceeded mandate – GSLF


The Global Sri Lanka Forum (GSLF) urged President Maithripala Sirisena to expose the unacceptable behaviour of UNHRC’s Special Envoy Ben Emmerson during his recent visit to Sri Lanka, in a bid to regain the honour of the country. GSLF accused Emmerson of exceeding his mandate and acting as a presumptuous prosecutor, Judge and Jury.

The GSLF’s media coordinator Ranjith Soysa stated that the Government’s silence in this regard will facilitate the UN to adopt Emmerson’s views and the international media to embark on tarnishing Sri Lanka’s image.

“It is obvious that Emmerson has diverted from his official assignment as Special Rapporteur and failed to act according to the code of conduct for special procedure mandate holders as specified in the UNHR Council’s Resolution of 18 June 2007 that requires a mandate holder to show restraint, moderation and discretion.

Yet, Emmerson’s approach, attitude and perspectives were arrogant, obnoxious and pompous to the extent of degrading the country to the level of atrociously violating HR norms,” Soysa said. He added that his allegations on Sri Lanka were based purely on unproven and biased statements made by members of the LTTE and their political agents.

Soysa further alleged that Emmerson became extremely judgemental when using terms such as transitional justice and issuing statements that torture is endemic to Sri Lanka and that it is built into the criminal justice structure of Sri Lanka, regressive elements in the security forces and their allies in the government.

The GSLF further reprimanded Ben Emmerson for his threatening remarks on withdrawing GSP and warning Sri Lanka of the bitter repercussions if the country shows a delay in adopting the recommendations.

(coped by seylon today news paper2017/08/09)


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