Scotland Yard Suspended War Crime Investigation!



Sinhala Jathika Peramuna, SJP has lodged a complaint in November 2016 with Scotland Yard, the UK’s top crime investigation department to arrest the LTTE Tamil terrorists’ war criminal Adel Balasingham who is currently hiding in the UK after wiped out of LTTE Tamil terrorists from Sri Lanka in May 2009. Since then Scotland Yard is corresponding with the SJP on the subject matter in particularly issues of victims and witnesses who are able and willing to provide evidence of LTTE Tamil terrorist’s leader who formed the Tamil terrorists’ suicide wing, Adel Balasingham’s involvement.


In the very recent communication by Mr. Glenn Bacon, Detective Sergeant of  Specialist Operations on 23rd July 2017, has mentioned that  Scotland Yard is regret to inform SJP that for the time being war crimes investigations by Scotland Yard had been suspended owing to the need to commit resources to the recent terrorist incidents in London and Manchester.

It is a strange move by UK government while they are pressing Sri Lankan government to commence investigation on so called war crimes committed by Sri Lankan security forces urgently had however suspended investigation of war crimes committed by LTTE Tamil terrorists who comfortably living in the UK soil. The questions that may be raised by the Civil Society would be that would UK government suspend the investigation on the Islamist extremists’ war criminals living in the UK and other EU and US banned terrorist’s organization members living in the UK?

Following are the some documents to prove that war crime committed by Adel Balasinham in Sri Lanka with his husband Tamil terrorist leader Anton Balasinham who died in UK;


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