Soldiers are no more “Rana Viruvo” – Army Commander


It is reported that the commander of Sri Lankan Army, Mahesh Senanayake has said that soldiers who fought for the freedom of motherland from Tamil terrorism for over 30 years should not be called as “Rana Viruvo” any more.  Senanayake, has pointed out that the term “Rana Viruvo” is being misused by some sections of the society.

Army commander has given this statement during his visit to United Kingdom.  Following Yahapalana government came to power on 8th of January 2008 UK government advised and funded million of Sterling Pound to restructure the Sri Lankan security forces under pretext of “Sahajeewanaya” and “Sanhindiyawa” – Reconciliation.  Present Army Commander is in favour of restructuring the SLA by reducing the overall strength and reducing its military installations in North and East two provinces where LTTE related activities is still going on from time to time. These national security related actions are directly and indirectly supporting to the separatist federalism campaigns which are currently being propagated by pro-minority government lead Ranil and Sirisena.

Commander Mahesh Senanayake has visited London Buddhist Viharaya and has made that above statement that no soldiers be called “Rana Viruvo” any more.   This might set a serious adverse precedence that king Dutu Gemunu, Parakramabahu, Vijayabahu may also not be able to call as national heroes of Sri Lanka. This would justify removing the “History” subject from the school syllabus by the pro-minority Yahapalana government.



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